The 11th International Conference: "Empowering the Teacher of Tomorrow"

The Learning Teacher Network’s 11th International Conference will be held at the four star Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-24 September, 2016 with the title ‘Empowering the Teacher of Tomorrow’.

The focus of the 2016 conference is how to empower and build capacity of ’The Teacher of Tomorrow’ for inspiring and successful teaching and learning today and tomorrow. The underpinning perspective of the conference will be Quality Education and to embrace knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower learners and schools/teacher education to learn and educate for sustainable development.

We are delighted to present an international conference with very rich content and high quality presentations, with internationally highly recognized keynote speakers and around 90 colleagues from 22 countries sharing their knowledge and experience at more than 50 sessions of workshops, lectures or paper presentations.

Welcome to take part in this exciting conference in 2016 and to register for the Tallinn Conference, you will be very welcome!

On behalf of the Conference Committee,
Magnus Persson
Tallinn Conference Chair
Network President and Coordinator