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I vårt nyhetsarkiv hittar du alla nyheter som publicerats.

ESD and Quality ED paper - a synthesis of studies carried out in 18 countries

Published: 1 November 2016
This research is a synthesis of studies carried out in 18 countries to identify contributions of education for sustainable development (ESD) to quality education. Five common questions were used for...

International Webinar - Re-orienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability

Published: 21 October 2016
You are invited to an International Webinar entitled “Re-orienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability”, taking place on Friday, October 28, 2016. Please see the full document hereunder...

Successful and enjoyable Tallinn Conference

Published: 30 September 2016
The Learning Teacher Network held its successful and enjoyable 11th International Conference titled “Empowering the Teacher of Tomorrow” in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-24 September.

UNESCO GAP Partner Meeting in Paris 5-6 July

Published: 2 July 2016
The Learning Teacher Network is a UNESCO GAP Key Partner. On 5-6 July the annual UNESCO Global GAP Partner Meeting will take place in Paris.

Education must be the guardian of evidenced truth

Published: 29 June 2016
In the aftermath of the UK referendum it feels highly important to address the following: The role of education to provide and uphold evidence based facts, knowledge and understanding is becoming...

The Learning Teacher Magazine 2/2016 has been published

Published: 22 June 2016
The Learning Teacher Magazine 2/2016 has been published (June 2016). Click to read

VISIS - An open-source methodology for doing sustainable development

Published: 20 May 2016
When it comes to taking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from vision to action, having a framework or methodology to work with along that journey is of great advantage. VISIS is an open-...

Paris Climate Agreement Signing today 22 April at the United Nations Headquarters

Published: 22 April 2016
More than 165 countries are expected to sign the Climate Change Agreement at a ceremony today 22 April at the United Nations Headquarters. A symbolic triumph for a landmark deal.

European Parliament resolution: Learning EU at school

Published: 13 April 2016
According to a survey, 44% of Europeans don’t understand how the EU works and many feel they don’t have a voice in the European Union. Would learning about the EU at school help to better understand...

Action plan to promote education for sustainable lifestyles 2015-2017

Published: 13 April 2016
The attached pamphlet describes the Action plan for education for sustainable lifestyles 2015-2017, which is a part of the global 10-Year Framework of Programs for Sustainable Consumption and...

National Sheets on Education Budgets in Europe 2015

Published: 11 January 2016
The Eurydice report on Education Budgets in Europe for 2015 provides the most recent data on planned education budgets by country. It makes it possible to identify changes in education budgets within...

New priorities for education and training in the EU (ET2020)

Published: 16 December 2015
Ministers from all EU countries met in Brussels for the Education, Youth, Sport and Culture Council from the 23-24 November. The European ministers adopted EU plans to increase social inclusion and...

New information folder on the Global Action Programme published

Published: 7 December 2015
UNESCO has just published a comprehensive folder containing 13 information sheets on different aspects of the Global Action Programme on ESD (GAP) and its key actors and partners. It aims to...

Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education Systems in Europe

Published: 19 November 2015
This Eurydice report contains more than 30 structural indicators that focus on country progress and key policy developments in five areas:  early childhood education and care, achievement in basic...

Erasmus+ 2016 Call and Guide published

Published: 25 October 2015
The Erasmus+ Programme Guide and Call for Proposals for 2016 is out with more than €1.85 billion in funding available. Find more information on the call, the guide, and what has changed since 2015.

Teachers' salaries in Europe 2014/15 report published

Published: 8 October 2015
A Eurydice annual report provides a comparative analysis on teachers' and school heads' statutory salaries and allowances in Europe for 2014/15. It also includes individual country sheets with...

11th International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia 22-24 September 2016

Published: 3 October 2015
The Learning Teacher Network’s 11th annual International Conference will be held at the four star Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-24 September 2016 with the title ‘Empowering the Teacher...

The Teaching Profession in Europe

Published: 9 September 2015
This Eurydice report analyses the relation between the policies that regulate the teaching profession in Europe, and the attitudes, practices, and perceptions of teachers. The analysis covers aspects...

Show solidarity!

Published: 6 September 2015
’If we rescued the banks we can save refugees’, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday. So very true. The refugee crisis in Europe worsens, adults and children are dying in their...

Free lesson content on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Published: 6 September 2015
The World's Largest Lesson is thrilled to announce that their website is live with the following free lesson content on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development:- An animated film written by Sir...

European higher education insights from the European Tertiary Education Register

Published: 9 July 2015
The second edition of the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER) link outside the EC domain was published on 3 July 2015. ETER is the only Europe-wide compilation of comparable data about...

The Learning Teacher Magazine 2/2015 has been published

Published: 19 June 2015
The Learning Teacher Magazine is the Learning Teacher Network's illustrated publication which targets educators and trainers with an international reach. The magazine is published four times a year....

EU News: Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association Launched

Published: 19 June 2015
A new umbrella association, the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association (ESAA), has been created, to represent students from inside and outside Europe who take part in Erasmus+. Four associations...

The new UNESCO GAP Partner Networks met in Paris

Published: 14 May 2015
The Learning Teacher Network is now a Key Partner to UNESCO in the GAP-ESD Partner Network for Capacity Building of Educators (GAP Priority Action Area 3). GAP-ESD is short for the United Nation’s...

The Learning Teacher Network is now Key Partner in UNESCO Partner Network

Published: 14 April 2015
The Learning Teacher Network was recently invited by UNESCO to be one of the members (so-called ‘Key Partner’) of the Partner Network on Priority Action Area 3: ‘Building capacities of teachers and...

Higher education in the EU: Approaches, issues and trends

Published: 31 March 2015
In-depth analysis made by the European Parliament's European Parliamentary Research Service's (EPRS). The performance and quality of higher education has become a vital sign of a country’s capacity...

UNESCO is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015

Published: 16 March 2015
UNESCO is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015. This will be a Year of Challenge and Opportunity.

The 2015 European Year for Development (EY2015)

Published: 7 March 2015
2015 is proclaimed as the European Year for Development (EY2015) with the motto ‘Our world, our future, our dignity’.

Joining Forces to Close the Gender Gap in Education

Published: 27 February 2015
UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka seized the occasion of Mobile Learning Week celebrations to present a new programme, “Empowering adolescent...

Georgia joins the EU's Creative Europe Programme

Published: 26 February 2015
On 25 February, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics and Georgian Minister of Culture and Monument Protection Mikheil Giorgadze signed an Agreement on...

The new EU School Education Gateway website launched

Published: 31 January 2015
Finally the new European Erasmus+ training course database sees the light, as part of the new European website School Education Gateway.

Call for young volunteers at the EU pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Published: 21 January 2015
The pavilion of the European Union intends to offer all young Europeans the opportunity to actively participate in a historic event, Expo Milano 2015, contributing to its activities and creating a...

The Network is now a listed UNESCO commitment stakeholder

Published: 3 January 2015
The Learning Teacher Network is honoured to be an officially recognized, listed UNESCO committed stakeholder in the capacity building of educators and trainers within the new UNESCO Global Action...

Latvia takes over EU Council presidency for the first time

Published: 9 December 2014
The first of January not only marked the start of a new year, it was also when Latvia took over the presidency of the EU Council for the first time. The Baltic state will lead and coordinate member...

Apply for the ESD Okayama Award

Published: 11 August 2011
We recommend organizations which conduct good practices of ESD to apply for this Award. Okayama City in Japan is pleased to officially announce the launch of the ‘ESD Okayama Award’ in cooperation...