European higher education insights from the European Tertiary Education Register

The second edition of the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER) link outside the EC domain was published on 3 July 2015.

ETER is the only Europe-wide compilation of comparable data about individual higher education institutions, covering more than 2,200 universities and colleges in Europe.

The Learning Teacher Magazine 2/2015 has been published

The Learning Teacher Magazine is the Learning Teacher Network's illustrated publication which targets educators and trainers with an international reach. The magazine is published four times a year.

The Magazine 2/2015 has now been published in printed and electrronic versions.

EU News: Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association Launched

A new umbrella association, the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association (ESAA), has been created, to represent students from inside and outside Europe who take part in Erasmus+.

Four associations are brought together by the new association – Erasmus Student Network, Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA), the garagErasmus Foundation and Erasmus+ Oceans.

The new UNESCO GAP Partner Networks met in Paris

The Learning Teacher Network is now a Key Partner to UNESCO in the GAP-ESD Partner Network for Capacity Building of Educators (GAP Priority Action Area 3). GAP-ESD is short for the United Nation’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.

The EU moving closer to its Europe 2020 goals on education

Eurostat has published the most recent data for the EU and its Members States on achievement against the Europe 2020 targets on education.

Europe 2020 is the EU strategy launched in 2010 to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The two targets related to education are:
• Reducing the share of early school leavers from education and training to less than 10% in the EU by 2020

The Learning Teacher Network is now Key Partner in UNESCO Partner Network

The Learning Teacher Network was recently invited by UNESCO to be one of the members (so-called ‘Key Partner’) of the Partner Network on Priority Action Area 3: ‘Building capacities of teachers and trainers’.

Higher education in the EU: Approaches, issues and trends

In-depth analysis made by the European Parliament's European Parliamentary Research Service's (EPRS).

The performance and quality of higher education has become a vital sign of a country’s capacity to foster its future economic development. The race for talent is currently open on a global scale.

UNESCO is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015

UNESCO is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015. This will be a Year of Challenge and Opportunity.

The 2015 European Year for Development (EY2015)

2015 is proclaimed as the European Year for Development (EY2015) with the motto ‘Our world, our future, our dignity’.

The three official aims of the 2015 EYD:
1. To inform European citizens about EU and Member States’ development cooperation activities,
2. To foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest in development cooperation among EU citizens and stakeholders,

The Learning Teacher Magazine 1/2015 has been published

The Learning Teacher Magazine 1/2015 has been published. 2015 marks the sixth year of the life of the appreciated illustrated publication.

Read about Excellence in Education, Educating for Tolerance, Productive Learning, Magic Science, Singing Moves Seniors, Seven Elements of the Ideal Education Experience, Curriculum Reform in Finland, and much more.