Learning Teacher Network Conference and Plans for 2017-2018

The Death of Magnus Persson

The Learning Teacher Network (LTN) would like to update all members and conference participants about the future plans for the LTN. As many of you will already be aware, the President of the LTN, Magnus Persson from Sweden, died very suddenly in November 2016.  This has been a huge loss to the members of the Executive Committee, the national members and the wider European teaching community.  Magnus’ contribution to developing awareness of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has been very significant within Europe and internationally. 

To those who knew him, his death has meant the loss of a great friend, mentor and supporter of educational change and development. His kindness and generosity was evident to all who met him in any context. Magnus lead the LTN with vision and directed every facet of its activities.  As a result, it has taken the Executive Committee a number of months to sort out accounts, legal arrangements, access computer files and databases and re-structure the network itself.

 Palermo GAP Seminar, March 2017 / Postponed to March 2018

As part of the time delay and re-structuring, a number of major decisions had to be made.  The first one has been to cancel the Palermo GAP Seminar due to be held in March 2017 and reschedule it to March 2018. Due to the low number of registrations and the short time available, the committee decided that by postponing the Seminar until March 2018 it would be possible to create greater interest and deliver an event that would be meaningful and beneficial to all participants.

Annual Conference in Aarhus

The primary focus of the LTN this year will be the Annual Conference which will take place in Aarhus, Denmark from Thursday September 21st until Saturday September 23rd 2017.  The theme of this conference will be ‘Rethinking Education’ and the committee hope to have a big international panel of keynote speakers, presenters, and participants.  It will also be an opportunity to formally acknowledge the work and contribution of Magnus Persson.

The LTN will also continue its engagement with the UNESCO GAP project and will contribute fully to developing ESD on a global level.

Changes to the Structure of the LTN

Inevitably due to the recent sad events, the LTN has had to make changes to its structure and how it will carry on with its work into the future. As a result the Executive Committee has been enlarged with a wider international representation and roles and duties have been redistributed. In addition the committee will engage with the regional membership shortly to get feedback on plans and progress and also to engage with the network in a more active manner. We will look forward to this process and to your support as always.

 The next issues of the LTN publications (Newsletter and Magazine) will be distributed shortly.