International Communities and Strategies

The Learning Teacher Network aims to be a learning community, where knowledge is shared and networking is promoted. We also recognize our role in the wider global community. Therefore, we also disseminate important policies, strategies and action from the European Union, the UNESCO and relevant international organisations.

Learning Communities

A learning community is the key to learning, to good relations, to quality and to development. The network recognizes the importance of interaction and communication and is active in promoting and linking learning communities.

As a network we support networking as an important mean to connect, share, exchange and form a dialogue across borders and boundaries, nations and cultures. We promote mobility and support the creation of new projects.

Informs about International and European activities

The network is delighted also to provide information about international and European policies, recommendations, activities, events and sister networks that are of importance to the development of education and training.

Join the network and have a platform together with many others for partnerships and exchanges. Be part of the network and receive information that is useful to engage in international cooperation with wider perspectives.

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