Looking for Partners - Living Labs for Co-creation of Educational Innovation in Schools

The university of Tallinn are looking for some partners for H2020 project: Living Labs in education.

The project proposal is due in August.

About the project:

There is still a gap between educational research and innovations in schools. Living Labs have been successfully proposed in other domains, contributing to connecting research and innovation. In education, an approach that spans the multitude of stakeholders and covers several levels of analysis has yet to be conceived. Living Labs in education would at the same time contribute to educational research, to new and innovative teaching and learning practices and school development, and motivate new forms of professional development.

The objective of the project is to establish and sustain 5-6 living labs initiatives in different countries built on different forms of co-creation where each national initiative is expected to initiate and sustain 3-4 local living labs...

Please find a short introduction below and feel free to send to anyone you think might be interested. 

 The types of partners sought is described on page 3-4. 

 This is rather urgent as we are trying to get the consortium together as soon as possible.

 For additional information, contact Tobias Ley, tley@tlu.ee.